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Harmoni SmartCable 20W - In-Screed Heating Cables

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Lifetime Warranty
Harmoni SmartCable 20W - In-Screed Heating Cables
Harmoni SmartCable 20W - In-Screed Heating CablesHarmoni SmartCable 20W - In-Screed Heating Cables
Product CodeModelCoverageCable lengthWattagePriceStockQty
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 20m 425wHMC425
QF #: 16408
Harmoni Cable-20 20m
20 m
425 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 20m
Cable length20 m
Wattage425 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 32m 650wHMC650
QF #: 16409
Harmoni Cable-20 30m
30 m
650 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 30m
Cable length30 m
Wattage650 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 50m 970wHMC970
QF #: 16411
Harmoni Cable-20 50m
50 m
970 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 50m
Cable length50 m
Wattage970 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 40m 830wHMC830
QF #: 16410
Harmoni Cable-20 40m
40 m
830 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 40m
Cable length40 m
Wattage830 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 60m 1270wHMC1270
QF #: 16412
Harmoni Cable-20 60m
60 m
1270 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 60m
Cable length60 m
Wattage1270 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 70m 1410wHMC1410
QF #: 16413
Harmoni Cable-20 70m
70 m
1410 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 70m
Cable length70 m
Wattage1410 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 80m 1620wHMC1620
QF #: 16414
Harmoni Cable-20 80m
80 m
1620 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 80m
Cable length80 m
Wattage1620 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 90m 1890wHMC1890
QF #: 16415
Harmoni Cable-20 90m
90 m
1890 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 90m
Cable length90 m
Wattage1890 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 125m 2530wHMC2530
QF #: 16416
Harmoni Cable-20 125m
125 m
2530 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 125m
Cable length125 m
Wattage2530 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 130m 2680wHMC2680
QF #: 13999
Harmoni Cable-20 130m
130 m
2680 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 130m
Cable length130 m
Wattage2680 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 150m 3030wHMC3030
QF #: 14000
Harmoni Cable-20-150m
150 m
3030 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20-150m
Cable length150 m
Wattage3030 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 200m 3940wHMC3960
QF #: 14001
Harmoni Cable-20 200m
200 m
3960 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 200m
Cable length200 m
Wattage3960 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 270m 5670wHMC5850
QF #: 14003
Harmoni Cable-20 290m
290 m
5850 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 290m
Cable length290 m
Wattage5850 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 340m 6490wHMC6490
QF #: 14004
Harmoni Cable-20 325m
325 m
6490 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 325m
Cable length325 m
Wattage6490 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 375m 7590wHMC7590
QF #: 14007
Harmoni Cable-20 375m
375 m
7590 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 375m
Cable length375 m
Wattage7590 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 395m 8200wHMC7920
QF #: 14008
Harmoni Cable-20 400m
400 m
7920 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 400m
Cable length400 m
Wattage7920 W
Harmoni In-Screed SmartCable-20 430m 8840wHMC9020
QF #: 14009
Harmoni Cable-20 450m
450 m
9020 W
ex VATinc VAT
ModelHarmoni Cable-20 450m
Cable length450 m
Wattage9020 W
Harmoni Pro-E White Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpPRO-E-W-16
QF #: 22428
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni Pro-E Black Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpPRO-E-B-16
QF #: 22430
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni Touch-E White Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpTOUCH-W-16
QF #: 22432
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni Touch-E Black Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpTOUCH-B-16
QF #: 22433
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni 25 Programmable Thermostat140G0052
QF #: 8298
ex VATinc VAT

Need Help? Free Design Service

Call 01473 559079 or email us for a bespoke design service for your underfloor heating project FREE

The Harmoni in Screed cable offers a flexible solution for most new build applications where a total heating solution is required. The flexibility of the cable installation allows variable power outputs to be installed with a maximum of 230 W/m². This system will provide a total heating solution in most installation scenarios including conservatories and sun rooms.

Developed for a variety of applications including domestic and commercial indoor floor heating. Underfloor heating in-screed cables are generally used in new build or extension projects. The heating cables radiate evenly across the whole surface, whilst maintaining its warmth created by a deep layer of flooring - unlike a conventional underfloor heat mat. Subsequently offering an alternative total heating solution, which is economical, efficient, and comfortable.

Why use Harmoni Cable?

Our Harmoni Cable 10W features:

  • Twin conductor
  • 20W/m Output
  • 230/240V Operating Voltage
  • 7mm Thickness
  • Min. bending radius of 30mm
  • Easy to install
  • Twin conductor heating cable
  • Suitable for most floor surfaces
  • Can be installed within the thickness of tile adhesive

We offer a premium electric underfloor heating range that offers unbeatable value. At Element Shop we provide:

  • The best quality product at the lowest price
  • A lifetime warranty on all products. This includes an installation replacement warranty
  • Noteworthy customer service
  • Free next working day delivery
  • A free detailed quotation
  • Independent S Mark & Fimko safety approved products
  • A free design service

All Harmoni mats, foils and cables include guarantees against manufacturer defects. This covers the lifetime of the initial floor covering. As well the required CE marking, all our mats, foils and cables are independently Intertek S Mark and SGS Fimko FI mark approved. These marks are visual proof that our products are manufactured to the highest standards in safety and added assurance that there is no risk of a product safety failure.

Installer warranty

This gives you a guarantee if you damage your Harmoni mat, foil or cable. It is in effect up until before the finished floor surface has been installed. Damage can occur when installing underfloor heating. If damage occurs, we will replace it with an equivalent product free of charge.

Product downloads

Harmoni 25 Datasheet

File Size: 292.00 KB

Harmoni 25 Installation Guide

File Size: 760.16 KB

Harmoni Cable Data Sheet

File Size: 622.67 KB

Harmoni Cable Manual

File Size: 1.59 MB

Harmoni Cable Manual

File Size: 2.23 MB

Harmoni Commissioning Record

File Size: 255.76 KB

Harmoni Installer Warranty

File Size: 761.86 KB

Harmoni Lifetime Warranty

File Size: 760.19 KB

SmartCable Specification Sheet

File Size: 639.47 KB

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John Wood
28 November 2023 08:20

Very smart looking . Not fitted yet


Jon Ellis, Huddersfield
11 November 2023 14:09

Good quality easy to use easy to install


Louis Charalambous
15 June 2023 09:22

Connect to your app 2 rooms in one app.


Ceramica tiling services, Nottingham
13 July 2019 22:23

Comes in the kit and looks good for the price