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Underfloor Heating Application Selector

Our underfloor heating application selector will provide you with a selection of appropriate product types (mats, foils or cables), wattages and quality brands suitable for your chosen room type and according to any floor construction specified.

Room details

To narrow down the available heating options for your floor, please complete as many of the filters below. If you have any concerns regarding the construction or suitability of your floor, please contact us.

Help section

Generally speaking, underfloor heating can be installed within any room construction. However, there are limitations for particular sub floors and floor finishes that require additional considerations before laying an underfloor heating solution - such as insultation or maximum floor probe temperatures (to avoid damage caused by the heating elements). In these circumstances we ask that you contact us for a technical analysis of your installation requirements.

Otherwise, please use our above selector to filter down on the available options for your underfloor heating installation. The items below will help explain each filter in turn and the purpose for their relevance.

Room type

Choose the type of room you are looking to put your underfloor heating in; Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, etc. Certain room types such as conservatories have a high heat loss due to lack of insulation and require higher output heating systems.


Generally there is two ways of which underfloor heating is used. Warm Floors is to just take the chill off your floor (usually the rooms where radiators are also installed and will work alongside). Or to act as a Total Heating solution, this is usually a room such as a conservatory, or rooms where there are no other forms of heating and you will rely on the underfloor heating not only to take the chill off your floor, but to warm the ambient temperature of the room.

Sub floor

This is what your base is made from, usually it's either a concrete slab or more commonly found on upper levels a plywood/timber boarding. Please Note, 100w per m2 matting is the maximum we recommend to be laid directly onto a timber/plywood base.

Floor finish

Generally underfloor heating works best below a ceramic/porcelain tile. Other floor finishes such as vinyl, oak, carpets, etc. are acceptable, however using a tile will give you the best results as it passes heat up through the floor quickly.