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Mirror Demisters


Say goodbye to steamy mirrors and waiting for them to defog. Get a mirror demister to avoid misty mirrors forever. We offer a variety of sizes and can custom fit a demister pad to any size mirror you have.

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Mirrors tend to fog up after being exposed to steam from a bath or shower. This makes it difficult to use the mirror until the condensation clears. Element Shops' Mirror Demisters offer an effective solution by converting a regular mirror into a heated one, eliminating foggy condensation. These demister pads come in various shapes and sizes to fit any type of mirror and are easy to install on the back of the mirror, making them hidden and convenient. The high-quality demister pads are made in the UK and undergo rigorous quality control tests before being sold to customers.

What is a Demista Pad?

The Demister heated mirror pad is a thin, self-adhesive heating pad that can be placed behind almost any mirror to prevent fog buildup. It boasts state-of-the-art technology, offering precise temperature control and protection against moisture, shock, vibration, dust, and aging.

Mirror Demister Pad Sizes

There is a wide range of demista pads available for purchase, with over 40 different sizes to choose from. The smallest size is compact, measuring only 150mm by 274mm, making it suitable for smaller mirrors. On the other hand, the largest size currently in stock measures 700mm x 1970mm, offering ample coverage for larger mirrors. However, if you need to cover even larger mirrors, multiple demister pads can be used to ensure consistent heat distribution across the surface. Each demisting pad provides uniform heat, which helps the mirror to warm up and eliminates the formation of fog on its surface. This makes demista pads an effective solution for ensuring clear and fog-free mirrors in humid conditions.

Our Range

Two voltage options for demister pads are available: 230V and 12V. A transformer is required for the safe and efficient operation of 12V models. We have a large inventory of over 30 size options for 230V pads and 9 size options for 12V pads. Custom orders for larger quantities can be accommodated. The pads come in widths of 150mm to 700mm with over 30 length options for each width. You can purchase single pads or kits that include both transformers and pads for the 12V models. Each order includes a heating pad, fitting instructions, and a ten-year warranty.

Demista Pad Installation

Installing a mirror heat pad from Heater Shop is easy. The pad is flat with a self-adhesive backing that can be attached to the mirror by simply peeling off the backing and sticking it on. It is recommended to connect the pad to the lighting circuit or a separate switch for convenience. The circuit must be protected by a 6A rated MCB and an RCD. An all-pole disconnection should also be incorporated into the wiring.

For multiple pads attached to one mirror, the wiring should be done in parallel. It is important to ensure the power supply can support the load and that the pads do not touch to prevent hotspots and damage to the mirror. The heating pad comes with a 1m, 0.75mm double-insulated cable that cannot be lengthened due to safety concerns. However, if a longer lead is needed, a heavier duty cable (lighting cable) can be connected through an approved junction box that must be inaccessible.

Important Notes:

To comply with the latest electrical regulations, it is mandatory to have a licensed electrician make all electrical connections. The metal components surrounding the mirror, such as the frame, must be earthed to meet the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2018) and any other relevant national wiring regulations. Mirrors with conductive foil backing or metallic covering must be earthed due to the risk of minor capacitance.

To install the pad, you will need the following:

  • Tape measure drawing pad and pencil
  • Cable strippers and screwdriver
  • Resistance tester (multimeter)

Why choose Demista heated mirror pads?

They are easy to install, maintenance-free, completely moisture-resistant, compliant with international regulations, made in the UK, and come with a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing faults if installed as instructed.

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