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We supply a full range of high quality wet heating systems and accessories. If you require components or full kits, we keep it all in stock. A full underfloor heating wet system design can be provided as well as complete product and system advice.

The wet underfloor heating cost will vary depending on the size of the rooms you are heating. You'll find our wet ufh has been priced competitively. Our products offer extensive warranties and improved efficiency and performance.

Sometimes known as hydronic underfloor heating systems, they are a popular choice for new build properties. They use water which is connected to a boiler, or condensing boiler, via a manifold. It then circulates the warm water through a series of pipes to heat the space. This means they are suitable for old and new heating technologies which includes air source heat pumps and solar power. Because the heat gets distributed in an even manner, it’s more energy efficient than standard radiators. This means that costs can be significantly lower than other dry systems. Therefore, you should expect to pay less on you electricity bills.

The subfloor type and finished flooring type you use will decide which system you will need. Wet ufh systems are usually used with stone or tiled floors but can also be used with carpet. If you are using carpet, make sure that the underlay isn’t too dense as it can restrict the heats movement.


Our kits contain all of the components you need to complete your wet underfloor heating installation.

We have three types of kits available:

  • Screed
  • Low Profile
  • Joist Spreader

As well as our kits, we also stock and supply a full range of components as follows:

  • Manifolds, kits & accessories
  • Pipe
  • Pumps
  • Pipe connectors
  • Zone wiring centres
  • Actuators & motorized valves
  • Fixings
  • Insulation & overlay boards

We offer the following extended warranties on all kit components:

  • Piping – 50 years
  • Manifold – 10 years
  • Actuators – 3 years
  • Pump – 3 years
  • Ball/fill valves – 3 years
  • Wiring centre – 2 years


We keep stock of various thermostats suitable for these types of installations. This includes brands such as Heatmiser, ProWarm and Danfoss. These range from cost-effective basic manual thermostats to the latest energy-saving digital touchscreen models. We also stock Smart thermostats which incorporate cutting edge technology - ensuring total control from the initial setup. These will work with a range of heat sources.

Wet or Electric

The type of underfloor heating you choose will depend on many factors. Here is a guide to help you choose.

Electric SystemsWet Systems
How it worksElectric uses heating mats (per square metre), foil or wires. This connects to your mains electricity supply.Pipes get installed under your floors. Hot water gets pumped around the pipes by your heat source.
Type of projectElectric is ideal for individual rooms or renovationsWater is ideal for new build projects & large areas
Cost to installElectric labour costs is cheaper to install than waterInstallation costs for a wet system is more expensive. Running costs are lower.
Running costsElectric system costs can be more expensive to runWater is the cheaper to run as water costs less than electric
Time to installElectric is quick to install. Small rooms can take minutes to complete rather than hours.Wet is more complex and takes longer to install. This is due to the number of components involved in setting it up.

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