Wet Underfloor Heating Systems

We supply a full range of high quality wet underfloor heating systems and accessories, Element shop offers wet system kits for standard, high, low and multi zone profile solutions. A full system design can be provided as well as complete product and system advice. Our wet system products offer extensive warranties and improved efficiency and performance.

Standard output zone

Suitable for internal well insulated areas, standard output water underfloor heating systems effectively warm large rooms, a perfect alternative to visible heating solutions. We supply a full fitting kit including a temperature unit, high standard piping and insulation. Standard output heating systems use a single thermostat to easily adjust the desired temperature of the room.

High output kits

Suitable for areas with large amounts of heat loss, high output kits produce greater amounts of warmth successfully heating the floor of outdoor areas and conservatories. Included is a large amount of piping which needs to be fitted by a qualified installer for optimal performance.

Multi zone system

Designed to accurately control the temperature in multiple sections, ideal for open plan rooms. A cost-effective alternative to buying two separate systems, the multi underfloor kit utilises a flow meter with multiple ports and requires a wiring centre accessory.

Low profile variants

The ideal choice for rooms with a restricted floor height, designed for carpeted and wooden floors but not tiled. The whole system is controlled by one thermostat, unless you employ a multi zone model which is able to control the temperature of individual floor sections, accessible with the addition of a wiring centre and mains thermostat. This is the ideal choice for effective and controllable discreet heating.

We offer extended warranties on all kit components:

  • Piping – 50 years
  • Manifold – 10 years
  • Actuators – 3 years
  • Pump – 3 years
  • Ball/Fill valves – 3 years
  • Wiring centre – 2 years

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