Electric Underfloor Heating

Element Shop offers a range of underfloor heating solutions, suitable to be installed underneath or within your property’s flooring.

Perfect for providing warmth to kitchens and conservatories floors, they are also ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms. Element Shop features well-established brands including DEVI, Demista, Aube, Harmoni, ProWarm, SmartMat and Ultra Floor. Adequate for new builds or renovations, they are easy to install and supply high quality underfloor heating. If you need help with your selection please call us on 01473 559079.

Underfloor heating systems work by heating cabling or foil. The changes in floor height are minimal and the heating solution can singular or work in tandem with alternative heating system.

What type do I need?

The type of heating technique you should implement depends upon a number of factors:

The size of the room; The quality of insulation; The type of flooring both below and above.

These factors will determine whether it is appropriate for you to install cabled heating mats, foil mats, loose cables or in-screed cables.

Underfloor Heating Mat Kits

Our most popular system, perhaps because of their user friendliness. These are great for living rooms and kitchens with either wooden, tiled or vinyl floors.

A very reliable and fast option, heating mats with conductor heating cables will effectively heating flooring and can be detached to fit awkward room sizes.

We offer an assortment of underfloor heating mats with great warranties and reviews.

Underwood Heating Foils

Ultra thin electric radiant floor heating system great at warming hardwood floors or carpeted areas. They work by emitting EMF radiation; they are perfectly safe and comply with electric and building regulations.

Element Shop’s range spans 1m2 to 24m2 so we will be able to cater for a wide variety of sized rooms.

Underfloor Heating Loose Lay Cables

Ideal for small or awkward areas such as bathrooms and twisting hallways because of their wide applicability.

Using a drum to hold one continuous roll, the cable is free flowing and must be spaced out evenly across the space.

Underfloor Heating In-Screed Cables

Cables offer a total heating solution which is affordable and comfortable. They are used primarily with new builds or extensions because they need to be installed under a minimum of 50mm of sand and cement screed.

For an invisible primary heating solution, in-screed cables are an excellent option. Their powerful heating application allows them to provide underfloor heating for floors of thick tiles and flag-stones.

Element Shop also supplies thermostats and insulation boards to compliment underfloor heating units.

Thermostats allow the user to programme customisable settings and raise or lower the temperature of apparatus. They can be controlled manually or remotely through WIFI control.

Insulation boards are specifically designed for tiled floors, it provides resistance to moisture and additional thermal insulation.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01473 559079.

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