Electric Underfloor Heating

In an electric underfloor heating system, (also known as a dry system) a series of electric wires are installed beneath or within your flooring - using the basic principles of heat rising. Electric underfloor heating is ideal for heating areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories, in both new build and renovation situations.

At Element Shop we specialise in supplying premium, best value, high quality, electric underfloor heating systems top brands such as DEVI, Demista, Aube, Harmoni, ProWarm, SmartMat and Ultra Floor.

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There are 4 main types of electric underfloor heating systems available:

Underfloor Heating Mat Kits - As our most popular system, the high quality premium underfloor heating kits are simple and quick to install, ensuring that your underfloor heating system is both efficient and effective.

Underfloor Heating Loose Lay Cables - Used in intricate areas, generally where mats are not suitable. The wire is simply put down loose and stuck to tape.

Underwood Heating Foils - Underfloor heating foil is designed to sit safely under wooden and floating floors..

Underfloor Heating In-Screed Cables - Underfloor heating in-screed cables are used primarily in any new build or extension

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