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Adhesives, Levellers & Primers

At Element Shop we stock a variety of floor adhesives and floor levelling compounds to aid you with your underfloor heating installation.

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We have everything you need to complete your underfloor heating installation before and after you have laid your mats or pipes. From self-levelling compound to primers and tile grout, whether it is sub floor or your finished flooring, we’ll have it in stock.

Self-Levelling Compound

Self-levelling compound is a type of cement-based compound used to level and smoothen concrete surfaces, particularly in flooring applications. It has a flowing consistency that helps it spread evenly and reach even surface levels. It is ideal for use on uneven or damaged floors, where it can be used to create a smooth surface for laying tiles, carpet, or other floor coverings. It is also used for repairing concrete surfaces or for creating a sub-base for new flooring installations. Some self-levelling compounds also have added features such as anti-crack properties or improved durability. We offer a various types depending on what the project requires.

Floor Adhesive

Floor adhesives are products used to adhere flooring materials such as tiles, carpet, or vinyl to the subfloor. They come in various types such as epoxy, polyurethane, and mastic, each with different properties and uses.

Floor & Wall Primers

Floor primers are used to prepare concrete, wood, or other surfaces for the application of floor coverings such as tiles or carpets. Floor primers can help to improve adhesion, seal porous surfaces, and provide a uniform surface for the floor covering. Some floor primers also contain additives that can reduce the absorption of moisture and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Wall primers, on the other hand, are used to prepare walls for painting. They are designed to provide a surface that is uniform, smooth, and receptive to paint. Wall primers can help to improve the adhesion of paint, prevent the formation of bubbles, and block the migration of stains or tannins through the paint. Some wall primers are formulated to hide surface imperfections and provide a more uniform appearance.

Patio Grout

Patio grout is a material used to fill the gaps or joints between patio pavers or tiles. It helps to hold the pavers or tiles in place and prevent them from shifting or separating over time. Grout for patios is typically made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water, and can be coloured or stained to match the pavers or tiles. When choosing grout for a patio, it's important to consider factors such as durability, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance.

Tile Grout

Tile grout is a type of filler material that is used to fill in the gaps between tiles. It is usually made of a mixture of sand, cement, and water, and comes in a variety of colours to match the tiles. The purpose of grout is to provide a barrier against moisture and dirt, as well as to secure the tiles in place and enhance the overall appearance of the tiled surface. It is typically applied using a grout float and must be sealed after application to protect it from staining and discoloration.

Why use Element Shop?

Element Shop have been trading now for over 15 years and have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of underfloor heating for both wet and electric systems in the UK. We continue to expand our range of products based on our customers feedback and have developed a catalogue of products that is perfectly suitable to plumbers and electricians who install heating products. All products have a minimum of 1 year warranty, but most of our products will carry more, some which include lifetime guarantees. We offer free next day delivery service to most of the UK, no matter how much or how little you spend, and we also offer a no quibble 14-day return policy. If you change your mind, simply return your product in its original condition and we will issue a refund. Moreover, we offer price match promise so we guarantee that if you do find one of our products cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price.

If you’d like to find out more about our products, or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01473 559079 who will be on hand to help with your query.

Delivery Times

Most of our products are kept in stock, in our warehouse in Ipswich. This means we can offer free next day delivery to our customers. Each range and individual product, state their estimated delivery time during checkout. We deliver to most UK locations with free, next day delivery as standard. To discuss delivery details, call us on 01473 559079.