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Which thermostat should I use?

March 4, 2019 Paul

The thermostat is one of the most important features of the modern home. Ensuring your underfloor heating always stays within your control, is a basic privilege every current property-owner deserves.

Underuse of your heating solution is uncomfortable, uneconomical and frustrating. Overuse of your heating solution is wasteful, costly and even more frustrating.

So, it is essential to understand what thermostats are available and how they can be used. Read this short guide to take your first step toward selecting the most appropriate thermostat for your building.

Manual thermostats

The most traditional thermostat, a manual thermostat offers complete simplistic control of your property’s heating. A quick replacement for an outdated model, manual thermostats feature a basic on/off switch system with temperature allocation.

Because of their manual function, it is up to the homeowner to determine the correct heating setting for the house, and the thermostats energy-saving capabilities are dependent upon the owner’s studiousness. These models are often a more affordable option however their long-term costings can well exceed more up-to-date types of thermostat.

Manual thermostats are a great option for a controlled underfloor heating system separated from the already installed main solution. Floor and air sensing models are available and can save costs if you remember to change the set temperature after every use.

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Programmable thermostats

The revolutionary alternative, programmable thermostats are widely considered the must-have replacement for old-fashioned temperature control. These more advanced models offer all the features of the manual version but with added energy-saving features and customisable settings.

Programmable thermostats can measure both the floor and air temperature with accuracy and can be pre-set to heat the room to your specifications. This ensures your comfort and satisfaction, creating a personalised well-heated environment.

They remain simple to use and affordable, perfect for property-owners with regular schedules. Many are 7-day programmable, and feature manual override and vacation modes, appropriate for every scenario.

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Touchscreen thermostats

For the sleekest design, touchscreen models are the be-all and end-all selection. Visually exquisite, they offer a user-friendly interface in combination with the latest technology.

First-class thermostats include precise floor and air sensing accuracy, an improvement on standard thermostatic temperature control. Their cutting-edge style is match by their energy-saving capabilities, many offering open window detection and consumption regulation.

Open window detection is becoming a popular addition to modern homes, preventing excessive heat drop by pausing and resetting to stabilise room temperature. Whereas, consumption meters display and respond to current heat-usage, allowing for ease of access and manual alteration.

Superior to earlier models, touchscreen thermostats can reduce energy wastage and save money, they offer a differing range of exceptional functions and their reactive quality makes them perfect for any weather. With their ease of installation, it’s a simple matter of selecting the model with the functions ideal for you.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Take complete control from the palm of your hand, installing a WIFI thermostat is the easiest way to keep anxious minds at bay. Including many of the features available to programmable and touchscreen thermostats, WIFI models have the added benefit of increased energy-saving features.

Wi-Fi thermostats have an inbuilt connection to your home router, utilising a simple application to limit the energy-wastage of your heating solution. Control remotely, giving you the freedom to be impulsive and keep a cap on your energy expenses. With modern life’s busy schedule, a WIFI thermostat offers the flexibility your heating solution needs to keep up.

The most advanced thermostats do cost more; money quickly earned back through access to cheaper energy tariffs and controlled energy usage. Some models may include self-learning technology and will even email you updates on your monthly usage.

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Each type of thermostat is available at Element Shop. We are sure to have an electric thermostat to suit your needs. Consider your options and perhaps give us a call on 01473 559079.