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Wet underfloor heating FAQs

Why choose wet underfloor heating?

Wet underfloor heating uses a combination of water and electricity to heat your floor. Because of the increased piping, they can be more difficult to lay; however, they offer improved heat distribution and affordable running costs. They are more commonly employed in larger rooms due to their effective heat distribution, the water able to retain and emit heat at a range of temperature settings.

How easy is it to install wet underfloor heating?

Water underfloor heating systems are generally more complicated to install than electrical underfloor heating systems. Once installed, wet systems can be very affordable to run, offering great performance and efficiency.

We supply an installation manual with each product, useful for single and multi-circuit systems, the pipe work and pump and manifold assembly are directed as well as the electrical components. We recommend utilising the services of a certified installer for the best results.

Is wet underfloor heating efficient?

The main benefit of wet heating systems are their superior efficiency and the wide temperature variation. Lowering temperatures rather than the on/off function can, if use intelligently, lower costs and improve the heating’s efficiency. Element Shop offers a range of sizes and powers, able to supply efficient heating for large to small sized rooms.

The costings can depend upon your home’s insulation, its location and the size of the room. It can also differ depending on the distance of the system from the water mains and alternate heating solutions.

What rooms can have wet underfloor heating?

Almost every room in the house can benefit from the installation, depending on the pipework accessibility. A qualified installer will be able to confirm whether your room is able to fit the pipework. Most customers opt for wet systems in larger rooms such as the kitchen, with electrical solutions preferred in bathrooms and smaller rooms.

What happens if I get a leak?

It is very rare for high quality underfloor heating system to leak or experience damage. Issues involves a drop in the water pressure, a damp patch on the floor, or uneven heat distribution.

The patch is possible to be repaired and Element Shop offer an assortment of repair equipment. For excessive damage, we recommend replacing the whole pipework; however, this requirement is especially rare.

What items are included in the water underfloor heating kits?

Element Shop’s kits include everything an installer would need to fit the product. Only offering high quality components, kits include European standard piping, edging insulation, tools and a specified temperature unit. The unit will differ depending on your preferred type of kit: Standard, Output, Multi Zone, Low Profile, Low Profile Multi Zone.

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