SmartCable In-Screed Cables

SmartCable In-Screed Cables
SmartCable In-Screed Cables
ModelModelCoverageCable lengthWattagePriceQty
SmartCable-20 20m 425wSC425
QF #: 13497
SmartCable-20 20m
20 m
425 W
£28.16 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 20m
Cable length20 m
Wattage425 W
SmartCable-20 32m 650wSC650
QF #: 13498
SmartCable-20 32m
32 m
650 W
£36.65 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 32m
Cable length32 m
Wattage650 W
SmartCable-20 40m 830wSC830
QF #: 13499
SmartCable-20 40m
40 m
830 W
£43.15 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 40m
Cable length40 m
Wattage830 W
SmartCable-20 50m 970wSC970
QF #: 13500
SmartCable-20 50m
50 m
970 W
£48.64 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 50m
Cable length50 m
Wattage970 W
SmartCable-20 60m 1270wSC1270
QF #: 13501
SmartCable-20 60m
60 m
1270 W
£60.47 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 60m
Cable length60 m
Wattage1270 W
SmartCable-20 70m 1410wSC1410
QF #: 13502
SmartCable-20 70m
70 m
1410 W
£61.64 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 70m
Cable length70 m
Wattage1410 W
SmartCable-20 80m 1620wSC1620
QF #: 13503
SmartCable-20 80m
80 m
1620 W
£68.30 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 80m
Cable length80 m
Wattage1620 W
SmartCable-20 90m 1890wSC1890
QF #: 13504
SmartCable-20 90m
90 m
1890 W
£75.96 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 90m
Cable length90 m
Wattage1890 W
SmartCable-20 100m 1980wSC1980
QF #: 13505
SmartCable-20 100m
100 m
1980 W
£79.58 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 100m
Cable length100 m
Wattage1980 W
SmartCable-20 125m 2530wSC2530
QF #: 13506
SmartCable-20 125m
125 m
2530 W
£88.63 exc VAT
ModelSmartCable-20 125m
Cable length125 m
Wattage2530 W
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The SmartCable underfloor heating product offers a flexible solution for most new build applications where a total heating solution is required. The flexibility of the cable installation allows variable power outputs to be installed with a maximum of 230 W/m². This system will provide a total heating solution in most installation scenarios including conservatories and sun rooms.

Lifetime warranty - The lifetime warranty ensures your heating mat gives you a lifetime of trouble-free use and is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the initial floor covering.

SmartGuard - The SmartGuard installer warranty guarantees if you damage your SmartCable product before your finished floor surface is installed, we will replace with an equivalent product FOC.

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