Underfloor Heating Mat 6.0m2 for wooden base floor (Redundant Stock)

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Underfloor Heating Mat 6.0m2 for wooden base floor (Redundant Stock)
Underfloor Heating Mat 6.0m2 for wooden base floor (Redundant Stock)

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Product overview

Weight 3.06 Kg

90watt per sqm thin self adhesive twin conductor heating mat for timber floors 0.5m wide x 7.0m long (3.5sqm coverage)

The Underfloor Heating Mat for Wood Base Floors is a thin heating mat specifically designed to be installed within a tile adhesive layer. It evenly warms the floor surface eliminating the cold chill associated with hard floor surfaces. It is ideal for tiles on a Wood Base floor and can be installed beneath other surfaces such as laminated floors and vinyl.

The Underfloor Heating Mat is a prefabricated, self adhesive mat with a thin heating cable pre fixed. It is an open mesh design allowing the tile adhesive to bond to an existing floor.

The mats are available in a range of sizes from 1-10 square metres. Each mat is 0.5 metres wide. For example, a 5 square metre mat is 0.5m wide and 10m long.

The heat output of this product can be regulated using a controller. Generally only one controller is needed for this product, one controller can control up to 33m2 of The Underfloor Heating Mat.


This product can be used for Bathrooms/En-Suites and Kitchens. In fact, this system can be used in any room as long as the heating mat is covered by a flexible tile adhesive/self-levelling compound.


The luxury of a comfortable warm tiled floor, high standard of comfort, provides even heat across the floor surface, economical, no significant floor height increase, simple to install, guaranteed for 15 years, and gives you a dry floor with no mould.

Technical specifications

ApprovalCE Approved
Area6 m²
Cable constructionTwin conductor
Mat Length12 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Rated Voltage230 V
Resistance88.2 Ω
SheathTeflon Insulation
Thickness3.0² mm
Warranty15 Years
Width500 mm
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