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Thermostat FAQs

How do I control WIFI thermostats?

WIFI thermostats connect with your home broadband router and can be controlled by multiple mobile devices. Readings can be seen and controlled through a free app, easily installable on your phone or tablet. This then allows you to control multiple heating solutions in multiple homes through one single point of access in the palm of your hand.

They can also be manually controlled and digitally programmed.

Will WIFI thermostats work without WIFI?

Yes. Thermostats will continue to monitor room temperature and alter the heating following a customisable program. However you will not be able to control the heating from your mobile device if the WIFI drops off. The smart WIFI thermostat will automatically reconnect to your router when the network picks back up.

What modes do thermostats have?

The pre-set modes that are already installed on the thermostat differ between models. Many of our programmable thermostats offer 24/7 programming, providing a comfortable heating solution personalised to your needs.

Many also include vacation mode or an AWAY function; this performs a permanent pause on all underfloor heating. Most thermostats allow you to specify if you would prefer it to sense either the air or floor or both. This can improve reliability depending on your surroundings.

Many of our WIFI models have intuitive learning capabilities, adapting to your schedule and habits. This, given time, can be more useful than manually setting customised modes.

How easy is it to install a thermostat?

With each of our products we provide a specific installation guide. Mounting the thermostat is made into a user-friendly experience through our step by step guidelines. Configuring programmable and WIFI operated models is made simple throughout downloadable brochures.

We recommend utilising the services of a qualified technician to help with installation.

What temperature range can be controlled?

The range of temperature settings available to choose from differs between models. Many manual thermostats can act within 5-45°C; this widens for programmable models. However, the thermostat’s effect at higher temperatures can be limited.

Programmable thermostats are able to both heat and cool your home, their range is enough to deal effectively with average household temperatures.