SmartMat 100W - Electric Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber Based Floors

SmartMat 100W - Electric Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber Based Floors
SmartMat 100W - Electric Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber Based Floors
ModelAreaWattageMat LengthPriceQty
SmartMat 100w/m2 0.5m2 50w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-0.5
QF #: 13310
0.5 m²50 W1 m
£42.33 exc VAT
Area0.5 m²
Wattage50 W
Mat Length1 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 1.0m2 100w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-1.0
QF #: 8488
1 m²100 W2 m
£55.97 exc VAT
Area1 m²
Wattage100 W
Mat Length2 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 1.5m2 150w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-1.5
QF #: 8489
1.5 m²150 W3 m
£60.38 exc VAT
Area1.5 m²
Wattage150 W
Mat Length3 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 2.0m2 200w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-2.0
QF #: 8490
2 m²200 W4 m
£70.38 exc VAT
Area2 m²
Wattage200 W
Mat Length4 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 2.5m2 250w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-2.5
QF #: 8491
2.5 m²250 W5 m
£78.40 exc VAT
Area2.5 m²
Wattage250 W
Mat Length5 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 3.0m2 300w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-3.0
QF #: 8492
3 m²300 W6 m
£87.50 exc VAT
Area3 m²
Wattage300 W
Mat Length6 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 3.5m2 350w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-3.5
QF #: 8493
3.5 m²350 W7 m
£95.90 exc VAT
Area3.5 m²
Wattage350 W
Mat Length7 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 4.0m2 400w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-4.0
QF #: 8494
4 m²400 W8 m
£104.30 exc VAT
Area4 m²
Wattage400 W
Mat Length8 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 5.0m2 500w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-5.0
QF #: 8495
5 m²500 W10 m
£129.50 exc VAT
Area5 m²
Wattage500 W
Mat Length10 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 6.0m2 600w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-6.0
QF #: 8496
6 m²600 W12 m
£141.40 exc VAT
Area6 m²
Wattage600 W
Mat Length12 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 7.0m2 700w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-7.0
QF #: 8497
7 m²700 W14 m
£156.10 exc VAT
Area7 m²
Wattage700 W
Mat Length14 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 8.0m2 800w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-8.0
QF #: 8498
8 m²800 W16 m
£168.70 exc VAT
Area8 m²
Wattage800 W
Mat Length16 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 9.0m2 900w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-9.0
QF #: 8499
9 m²900 W18 m
£180.60 exc VAT
Area9 m²
Wattage900 W
Mat Length18 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 10.0m2 1000w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-10.0
QF #: 8500
10 m²1000 W20 m
£193.90 exc VAT
Area10 m²
Wattage1000 W
Mat Length20 m
SmartMat 100w/m2 12.0m2 1200w Underfloor Heating MatSM100-12.0
QF #: 8501
12 m²1200 W24 m
£225.73 exc VAT
Area12 m²
Wattage1200 W
Mat Length24 m
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Features of SmartMat 100W electric underfloor heating mats for timber based floors

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Generally used for tiles and vinyl floors
  • SmartMat SmartGuard Installer warranty
  • Self-adhesive fully stitched mesh design
  • 3mm mat thickness
  • SmartMat is a premium well trusted brand

The Harmoni SmartMat 100W electric underfloor heating mat is generally used for timber based floors which is then covered with vinyl or tiles. The heating mat has a self adhesive fibre glass backing mesh which aids quick installation by adhering to the subfloor. This heated mat has a pre-attached ultra-thin 3mm twin conductor heating cable that ensures a minimal increase to the existing floor height as the high quality stitching enables the cable stays closely bound to the heating mat.

Harmoni SmartMat electric underfloor heating mats offer a reliable, efficient and effective underfloor heating solution that can work with tiles, vinyl and many other floor coverings.

The function of the matting system is to provide a warm floor. Superior product design ensures a speedy installation with an even heat across the complete floor surface, whilst allowing unlimited adjustment of the heating element to suit irregular formats.

SmartMat Lifetime Warranty - The best in class floor guard warranty, SmartMat warranty covers the floor unlike other manufacturers who only guarantee the product.

    If you are looking to find underfloor heating mats for laminate or wooden floors, then you need to look at underfloor heating foil mats.

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