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Customer reviews


Ceramica Tiling Services, Nottingham
13 July 2019 22:23

SmartMat 150w/m2 10.0m2 1500w Underfloor Heating Mat

Good quality and great price

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SmartMat 150w/m2 20.0m2 3000w Underfloor Heating Kit + Harmoni 25 Thermostat

Good quality product, easy to fit

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Had a few heat mats of these guys, and quite a few customers have gone direct now as well. Very good service, the staff are helpful and delivery is quick. This is the only place I get underfloor heating from now

Thank you very much for this really great feedback.


Trusted Customer
18 April 2018 08:51

SmartMat 200w/m2 3.0m2 600w Underfloor Heating Mat

Sticky mats, easy to install

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Prompt delivery, excellent product.

Absolutely fantastic to hear, thank you for the great review. 


Trusted Customer
9 April 2018 07:40

SmartMat 100w/m2 2.0m2 200w Underfloor Heating Mat

Would use than again, great value for money

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Would recommend, quick delivery

Thank you very for the great recommendation, we appreciate your fantastic feedback. 


Samuel So
8 October 2017 12:35

SmartMat 200w/m2 2.5m2 500w Underfloor Heating Mat

Price is cheaper than my expect !

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Delivery was faster than expect !

That is really great to hear, thank you for the review.


Adam Jefferson, Camberley
6 December 2016 14:57

SmartMat 200w/m2 6.0m2 1200w Underfloor Heating Mat


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SmartMat 200w/m2 10.0m2 2000w Underfloor Heating Mat

Some issues in setup but looks good so far.

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Great advice with good product recommendations and discount - goods delivered the next day. Excellent service!

That is really great to hear, thank you very much for your valued feedback.