Rothenberger Pressure Test Pump - RP30

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Rothenberger Pressure Test Pump - RP30
Rothenberger Pressure Test Pump - RP30

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Product overview

Reliable and precise testing results' the dual-valve system (Twin-Valve) enables self-testing of the pump, as well as a precise fine adjustment of the pressure.

Testing hose with steel mesh prevents reading mistakes, that can when the hose expands during operation.

Weather and cold-resistant steel container with DURAMANT coating.


  1. Connect the pressure hose to the equipment to be tested with valve V1 opened and valve V2 closed.
  2. Open one or several purge points in the installation. Remove the handle-locking hook and pump liquid until all air has been purged from the system. Close the vent points and then fill the installation operating the pump handle with ample movements.
  3. Keep on pumping until the test pressure has been reached.
  4. Close valve V1.
  5. If the test pressure is exceeded during the pumping operation, slightly open valve V2 until the required pressure is attained. The close all Vavles.
  6. If no leaks are present , no pressure drop should be detected in guage readings. At test completion, open both valves V1 & V2.

Testing and Pressure

Testing and pressure range with 20 psi steps (from) 0 psi

Testing and pressure range with 20 psi steps (up to) 440 psi

Testing and pressure range with 1 bar steps (from) 0 bar

Testing and pressure range with 1 bar steps (up to) 30 bar

Technical specifications

ConnectionR 1/2 Inch
Dimensions200 x 240 mm
Height240 mm
Length440mm mm
Width200 mm

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