ProWarm 16mm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE Pipe 120m

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ProWarm 16mm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE Pipe 120m
ProWarm 16mm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE Pipe 120m

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Product overview

High quality multi-layered barrier pipe

  • Pex/Al/HDP
  • 100% oxygen impermeable
  • 50 year warranty
  • Working pressure & temperature 10bar, 95°C
  • Two bonding layers
  • ProWarm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe is the most innovative, multifunctional and most reliable pipe on the international market.
  • Using the highest quality 12mm (outside) diameter ProWarm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe.
  • The triple layered pipe creates an oxygen barrier which is 100% tight and its diameter calculated to allow for maximum performance and flexibility.
  • The middle aluminium layer diffuses the heat more efficiently and offers excellent conductivity, which is necessary for low-temperature systems - this allows the requirement of less pipe work to other systems.

Technical specifications

Diameter16 mm
Dimensions16 x 120 mm
Halogen levelsHalogen-free
Internal roughness0.007 mm
Length120 m
MaterialCrosslinked polyethylene PE-Xb internal layer, internal bonding layer, intermediate aluminium layer, external bonding layer, high density polyethylene HDPE external layer.
Max. pressure+10 bar
Max. Temperature+95°C/+100°C
Minimum operating temperature-60°C
Oxygen permeability0 mg/l
Softening temperature135°C
Thermal Conductivity to BS 874 (W/Mk)0.42 - 0.52 W/m·K
UV resistanceYes, if protected with UV-resistant paint

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