ProWarm 200W - Electric Underfloor Heating Mats for High Output Areas

ProWarm 200W - Electric Underfloor Heating Mats for High Output Areas
ProWarm 200W - Electric Underfloor Heating Mats for High Output Areas
ProWarm 200W - Electric Underfloor Heating Mats for High Output Areas
ModelAreaWattageMat LengthPriceStockQty
ProWarm 200w/m2 1.0m2 200w Underfloor Heating Mat200W1MMATONLY
QF #: 9073
1 m²
200 W
2 m
£53.99 exc VAT
Area1 m²
Wattage200 W
Mat Length2 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 1.5m2 300w Underfloor Heating Mat200W1.5MMATONLY
QF #: 9074
1.5 m²
300 W
3 m
£66.66 exc VAT
Area1.5 m²
Wattage300 W
Mat Length3 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 2.0m2 400w Underfloor Heating Mat200W2MMATONLY
QF #: 9075
2 m²
400 W
4 m
£71.32 exc VAT
Area2 m²
Wattage400 W
Mat Length4 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 2.5m2 500w Underfloor Heating Mat200W2.5MMATONLY
QF #: 9076
2.5 m²
500 W
5 m
£78.66 exc VAT
Area2.5 m²
Wattage500 W
Mat Length5 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 3.0m2 600w Underfloor Heating Mat200W3MMATONLY
QF #: 9077
3 m²
600 W
6 m
£85.99 exc VAT
Area3 m²
Wattage600 W
Mat Length6 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 3.5m2 700w Underfloor Heating Mat200W3.5MMATONLY
QF #: 9078
3.5 m²
700 W
7 m
£93.33 exc VAT
Area3.5 m²
Wattage700 W
Mat Length7 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 4.0m2 800w Underfloor Heating Mat200W4MMATONLY
QF #: 9079
4 m²
800 W
8 m
£100.66 exc VAT
Area4 m²
Wattage800 W
Mat Length8 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 5.0m2 1000w Underfloor Heating Mat200W5MMATONLY
QF #: 9081
5 m²
1000 W
10 m
£122.66 exc VAT
Area5 m²
Wattage1000 W
Mat Length10 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 6.0m2 1200w Underfloor Heating Mat200W6MMATONLY
QF #: 9082
6 m²
1200 W
12 m
£129.99 exc VAT
Area6 m²
Wattage1200 W
Mat Length12 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 7.0m2 1400w Underfloor Heating Mat200W7MMATONLY
QF #: 9083
7 m²
1400 W
14 m
£144.66 exc VAT
Area7 m²
Wattage1400 W
Mat Length14 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 8.0m2 1600w Underfloor Heating Mat200W8MMATONLY
QF #: 9084
8 m²
1600 W
16 m
£159.33 exc VAT
Area8 m²
Wattage1600 W
Mat Length16 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 9.0m2 1800w Underfloor Heating Mat200W9MMATONLY
QF #: 9085
9 m²
1800 W
18 m
£173.99 exc VAT
Area9 m²
Wattage1800 W
Mat Length18 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 10.0m2 2000w Underfloor Heating Mat200W10MMATONLY
QF #: 9086
10 m²
2000 W
20 m
£188.66 exc VAT
Area10 m²
Wattage2000 W
Mat Length20 m
ProWarm 200w/m2 12.0m2 2400w Underfloor Heating Mat200W12MMATONLY
QF #: 9088
12 m²
2400 W
24 m
£223.97 exc VAT
Area12 m²
Wattage2400 W
Mat Length24 m
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ProWarm high output is designed for installation in floor constructions of concrete or with tiles and where the heating element is installed close to the floor surface.

Why choose a ProWarm high output electric underfloor heating sticky mat?

  • 3mm mat thickness – the advantage of an ultra-thin cable is mats can be directly tiled over if needed
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive mat
  • ProWarm does not have contain any PVC coating
  • Lifetime and CableSafe guarantee

The high output mat with 200 Watts per m² which makes ProWarms high output heating sticky mat a decisive winner, when it is speedy heating that counts. Excellent when there is great demand for rapid response time and high output. High output per m² resulting in instant warmth gives the ProWarm high output a number of possible uses:

  • When renovating areas such as conservatories and cellars, which loose a large amount of heat.
  • In small bathrooms with a relatively small floor area compared to the size of the room.

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