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Mirror Demister FAQs

What does a mirror demister do?

A mirror demister is an attachable pad which can be heated to eliminate the condensation on you mirror. It is the latest bathroom technology, to some a luxury, and to others, a necessity. Offering a stable surface temperature, the electric pad is attached with adhesive to the back of the mirror and connected to a nearby power outlet. The heated mirror dissipates water moisture, providing a clean and clear reflection. Finger marks and water marks are a thing of the past with Element Shop’s practical and affordable mirror demister heating pads.

How do you install a mirror heater pad?

Very quick and simple installation, the product comes with an installation guide. The back of the mirror can be marked out to signal the precise location for the pad, we recommend a slightly larger mirror than pad size as all the mirrors edges need to be covered and earthed.

The mirror demister features a peel-off protective paper which holds a sticky adhesive. The mirror demister pad must be attached directly to the mirror, not the wall. Apply one corner to the pre-written marking and lower the pad onto the mirror, keeping the opposite corner raised. Apply even pressure to ensure there are no bubbles or creases and flatten out the demister. The demister should fit flush against the wall with the mirror; the demister must be directly connected to the mirror to work effectively.

The heating pad is recommended to be powered via a lightning circuit or switch. The maximum ampere permitted is 5 amp under wiring regulations. The attached electric cable is 1 meter in length, extension must be done by a qualified electrician. Any holes in the mirror or awkward shapes revealing the heating pad must be covered. For advice on mounting and connecting, contact Element Shop on 01473 559079.

We recommend the use of a qualified electrician for installation to ensure the most effective performance.

Are mirror demisters safe?

Mirror demisters are will not overheat, even if left on automatically. They will not cause any damage when installed properly. They provide a low surface temperature, resting at 15ºC above ambient room temperature, and they are double insulated. They have an IP44 rating, suitable for bathrooms wet rooms. We offer a 10 year warranty provided it is fitted in accordance with instruction supplied so your demister can become a permanent practical feature of your residence.

Are heated mirror pads economical?

The running costs of mirror demisters are minimal. For the most economical option, connect the heated pad to a lighting circuit or wire into an already installed switch. The demister does not have to be sized the same as the mirror, pads will heat up an area 30% larger than its size.

Can I install multiple demister heated mirror pads?

Yes, multiple pads can be used on one mirror for larger mirrors. The installation guide enforces that the mirror pads must not cross and need to be individually powered. This can provide effective heating, eliminating condensation.

For an answer to any questions please contact Element Shop at 01473 559079.