Harmoni SmartFoil 140W – Floor Heating Under Laminate & Wooden Floors

Lifetime Warranty
Harmoni SmartFoil 140W – Floor Heating Under Laminate & Wooden Floors
Harmoni SmartFoil 140W – Floor Heating Under Laminate & Wooden Floors
Harmoni SmartFoil 140W – Floor Heating Under Laminate & Wooden Floors
Harmoni SmartFoil 140W – Floor Heating Under Laminate & Wooden Floors
ModelWattageMat LengthCoveragePriceStockQty
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/mv Mat - 1.0m², 140wSmartFoil140-1.0
QF #: 13168
140 W
2.0 m
£27.48 exc VAT
Wattage140 W
Mat Length2.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w 140w/m² Mat - 1.5m², 210wSmartFoil140-1.5
QF #: 13169
210 W
3.0 m
£33.60 exc VAT
Wattage210 W
Mat Length3.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 2.0m², 280wSmartFoil140-2.0
QF #: 13170
280 W
4.0 m
£39.55 exc VAT
Wattage280 W
Mat Length4.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 2.5m², 350wSmartFoil140-2.5
QF #: 13171
350 W
5.0 m
£45.50 exc VAT
Wattage350 W
Mat Length5.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 3.0m², 420wSmartFoil140-3.0
QF #: 13172
420 W
6.0 m
£51.63 exc VAT
Wattage420 W
Mat Length6.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 3.5m², 490wSmartFoil140-3.5
QF #: 13173
490 W
7.0 m
£57.23 exc VAT
Wattage490 W
Mat Length7.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 4.0m², 560wSmartFoil140-4.0
QF #: 13174
560 W
8.0 m
£63.53 exc VAT
Wattage560 W
Mat Length8.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 5.0m², 700wSmartFoil140-5.0
QF #: 13175
700 W
10.0 m
£75.60 exc VAT
Wattage700 W
Mat Length10.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 6.0m², 840wSmartFoil140-6.0
QF #: 13176
840 W
12.0 m
£87.50 exc VAT
Wattage840 W
Mat Length12.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 7.0m², 980wSmartFoil140-7.0
QF #: 13177
980 W
14.0 m
£99.58 exc VAT
Wattage980 W
Mat Length14.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 8.0m², 1120wSmartFoil140-8.0
QF #: 13178
1120 W
16.0 m
£112.09 exc VAT
Wattage1120 W
Mat Length16.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 9.0m², 1260wSmartFoil140-9.0
QF #: 13179
1260 W
18.0 m
£124.16 exc VAT
Wattage1260 W
Mat Length18.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 10.0m², 1400wSmartFoil140-10.0
QF #: 13180
1400 W
20.0 m
£136.24 exc VAT
Wattage1400 W
Mat Length20.0 m
Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 12.0m², 1680wSmartFoil140-12.0
QF #: 13181
1680 W
24.0 m
£160.21 exc VAT
Wattage1680 W
Mat Length24.0 m

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Harmoni SmartFoil is underfloor heating for laminate floors and wooden floors. It has an ultra-thin cable inside 2 layers of reinforced aluminium foil. The spacing of the heating elements and the foil ensures an even heat distribution. This is a continuous output of 140 W/m². These are earth shielded and are 100% safe.

A wide range of sizes ensure suitability to all kinds of wooden floors. shapes and size floors. This product is suitable for laminate floors, engineered wood, glued hardwood and other floating floors.

floor heating under laminate

Installing Electric Underfloor Heating Under Laminate & Wood

If you are going to install your laminate floor heating yourself, please contact us first. This is just to ensure that your under laminate heating project is compatible with this product. We'll be happy to speak to your flooring supplier to make sure the wood flooring matches our floor heating system.

Underfloor Laminate Insulation

All underfloor heating mats for laminate flooring need XPS boards. . It ensures that you provide the best thermal insulation under laminate flooring.

Electric Underfloor Heating for Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are to stay below 27 °C and shouldn't exceed this temperature. Increasing it beyond this temperature could potentially cause your floor to swell or shrink and lead to the floor becoming creaky. This includes engineered wood flooring as it is important to control the moisture content. Speak to your flooring manufacturer to find out which flooring material is best for your project.

As the popularity of wooden floors has grown, so has the requirement for floor heating for wooden floors. This includes radiant floor heating under laminate and hardwood. With more varieties, the need for an electric system that is versatile and efficient has arisen. Harmoni SmartFoil has been designed with this in mind. They feature:

  • Ultra-thin heating cable
  • Twin conductor heating cable
  • 100% aluminium earth sheath
  • Cable thickness - 3 mm
  • Output W/m² 140w/ m²
  • Operating Voltage - 230/240V
  • Cold tail connection lead - 3 m

Why use Harmoni Underfloor Heating for Wooden Floors?

We offer premium heating under laminate flooring products that offers unbeatable value. At Element Shop we provide:

  • The best quality product at the lowest price
  • A lifetime warranty on all products
  • Noteworthy customer service
  • Free next working day delivery
  • A free detailed quotation
  • Independent S Mark & Fimko safety approved products
  • A free design service

Lifetime warranty

All Harmoni mats include guarantees against manufacturer defects. This covers the lifetime of the initial floor covering.

Installer warranty

This gives you a guarantee if you damage your Harmoni mat. If damage occurs, we'll replace it with an equivalent product free of charge.

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John Sailbery
23 October 2018 15:43

Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 4.0m², 560w

Great purchase. easy to follow guide, tech back up

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Great service, and tech support. Highly recommended


Antony Evans
4 September 2018 09:02

Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 12.0m², 1680w

Good product, well made mat.

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Helpful sales staff. Next day delivery all packed well. Great price. Nothing more you could want.

Thank you very much for your wonderful comments about our fantastic sales team, we appreciate it greatly.


Steve Fitton
1 August 2018 14:31

Harmoni SmartFoil 140w/m² Mat - 9.0m², 1260w

Quick to heat up and completely unobtrusive. We love it.

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Always available by 'phone to answer any technical questions and when they say they will get back to you they actually do. Fast and free delivery. Refunded me for a faulty item without any quibble and collected the old unit F.O.C. Recommended for anyone thinking of installing underfloor heating.

That is really fantastic to hear, thank you very much for taking the time to leave such great feedback.

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