Water Heaters

Water heaters supply hot or boiling water suitable for commercial and household needs.

The difference between a boiler and a water heater

Whilst the functionality of a boiler and a water heater is essentially the same - they both heat water throughout your home; their purpose is quite different.

A boiler is generally used to heat large amounts of water throughout your home for a multitude of applications including washing, drinking, cleaning and heating systems for central heating with the ability to have it continuously or set through the use of a timer.

Water heaters heat water that will simply be used for cooking or cleaning giving

instant hot or boiled water directly from your cold mains water supply.

There are a wide range of water heaters available including vented water heaters, unvented water heaters and instantaneous.

Different types of water heaters

Unvented water heaters

An unvented water heater offers a number of benefits such as higher pressure or higher flow rates as well as balanced hot and cold-water supplies compared to vented and point of use systems. One of the best benefits is that an Unvented water heater will heat the water straight from the mains supply. This means that an expansion tank is not needed meaning that they are extremely flexible and can be placed pretty much anywhere.

These are available as under sink water heaters, which means that they are placed under the sink and over sink water heaters, which means they are placed over the sink.

Vented water heaters

Vented heaters are also known as point of use heaters and are installed over the sink area. They are what is referred to as a "Gravity fed hot water system". This is because the pull of gravity takes the water through a pipe down to the hot water cylinder which then heats the water.

These are perfect in areas such as kitchens, first aid rooms and canteens.

Instantaneous water heaters

An instantaneous water heater or instant water heater, provides an instant & constant supply of hot water. This is done without the use of a storage unit. When the tap is turned on; water is heated by an electric element as it travels through the pipes into the unit at a pre-set temperature.

Electric water heaters are extremely fast, convenient and economical.

Water heaters are simple to install, and all of our products come with installation instructions, however it is recommended that you hire a professional to carry out your installation. Electric water heaters are a great alternative to gas or lpg.

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