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Harmoni SmartMat 200W - For High Output Areas

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Harmoni SmartMat 200W - For High Output Areas
Harmoni SmartMat 200W - For High Output Areas
Harmoni SmartMat 200W - For High Output Areas
Harmoni SmartMat 200W - For High Output Areas
Harmoni SmartMat 200W - For High Output Areas
Harmoni SmartMat 200W - For High Output Areas
Product CodeAreaWattageMat lengthPriceStockQty
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 0.5m² 100w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-0.5
QF #: 16267
0.5 m²
100 W
1 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area0.5 m²
Wattage100 W
Mat length1 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 1.0m² 200w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-1.0
QF #: 16268
1 m²
200 W
2 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area1 m²
Wattage200 W
Mat length2 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 1.5m² 300w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-1.5
QF #: 16269
1.5 m²
300 W
3 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area1.5 m²
Wattage300 W
Mat length3 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 2.0m² 400w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-2.0
QF #: 16270
2 m²
400 W
4 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area2 m²
Wattage400 W
Mat length4 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 2.5m² 500w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-2.5
QF #: 16271
2.5 m²
500 W
5 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area2.5 m²
Wattage500 W
Mat length5 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 3.0m² 600w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-3.0
QF #: 16272
3 m²
600 W
6 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area3 m²
Wattage600 W
Mat length6 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 3.5m² 700w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-3.5
QF #: 16273
3.5 m²
700 W
7 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area3.5 m²
Wattage700 W
Mat length7 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 4.0m² 800w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-4.0
QF #: 16274
4 m²
800 W
8 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area4 m²
Wattage800 W
Mat length8 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 5.0m² 1000w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-5.0
QF #: 16275
5 m²
1000 W
10 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area5 m²
Wattage1000 W
Mat length10 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 6.0m² 1200w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-6.0
QF #: 16276
6 m²
1200 W
12 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area6 m²
Wattage1200 W
Mat length12 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 7.0m² 1400w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-7.0
QF #: 16277
7 m²
1400 W
14 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area7 m²
Wattage1400 W
Mat length14 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 8.0m² 1600w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-8.0
QF #: 16278
8 m²
1600 W
16 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area8 m²
Wattage1600 W
Mat length16 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 9.0m² 1800w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-9.0
QF #: 16279
9 m²
1800 W
18 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area9 m²
Wattage1800 W
Mat length18 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 10.0m² 2000w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-10.0
QF #: 16280
10 m²
2000 W
20 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area10 m²
Wattage2000 W
Mat length20 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 12.0m² 2400w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-12.0
QF #: 16281
12 m²
2400 W
24 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area12 m²
Wattage2400 W
Mat length24 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 13.0m² 2600w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-13.0
QF #: 8949
13 m²
2600 W
26 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area13 m²
Wattage2600 W
Mat length26 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 14.0m² 2800w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-14.0
QF #: 8950
14 m²
2800 W
28 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area14 m²
Wattage2800 W
Mat length28 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 15.0m² 3000w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-15.0
QF #: 8951
15 m²
3000 W
30 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area15 m²
Wattage3000 W
Mat length30 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 16.0m² 3200w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-16.0
QF #: 8952
16 m²
3200 W
32 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area16 m²
Wattage3200 W
Mat length32 m
Harmoni - SmartMat 200w/m² - 17.0m² 3400w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT200-17.0
QF #: 8953
17 m²
3400 W
34 m
ex VATinc VAT
Area17 m²
Wattage3400 W
Mat length34 m
Harmoni Pro-E White Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpPRO-E-W-16
QF #: 22428
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni Pro-E Black Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpPRO-E-B-16
QF #: 22430
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni Touch-E White Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpTOUCH-W-16
QF #: 22432
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni Touch-E Black Wi-Fi Thermostat - 16 AmpTOUCH-B-16
QF #: 22433
ex VATinc VAT
Harmoni 25 Programmable Thermostat140G0052
QF #: 8298
ex VATinc VAT

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John Wood
28 November 2023 08:17

Very smart looking . Not fitted yet

Great service and helpful advice. The kit was packaged well and has clear instructions. Prompt delivery.

Thank you so much for your 5-star review! We will share this with the team to let them know to keep up the amazing work.


Jon Ellis, Huddersfield
11 November 2023 14:06

Good quality easy to use easy to install

All questions answered by phone, easy to use website showing stock availability
God prices and fast delivery

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star rating - it's much appreciated!


Louis Charalambous
15 June 2023 09:21

Connect to your app 2 rooms in one app.

Great fast delivery

Thanks so much for giving us your take on how we are doing. We're glad that customers like you are having a great experience at Heater Shop.


Shaun Williams, Dennington
29 January 2022 08:30

Not installed yet so can’t really rate the performance but looks ok

Top class service. I needed advice with regard to a underfloor heating purchase. I was met by Liam who was extremely knowledgeable and had all the time in the world for my questions of which there were quite a few. Great service which I would certainly recommend.


Martin Poole
7 December 2021 17:14

did the job very good

all good

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star rating - it's much appreciated!


Tom Mrozinski
16 September 2021 13:56

Overall it is a good product

Quick and all ok

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review.


Tom Mrozinski
16 September 2021 13:56

Overall it is a good product.

Quick and all ok

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review.


Trusted Customer
12 April 2021 09:02

easy to lay and sticks to the floor

Excellent Service, prompt delivery and friendly helpful customer service.

We can’t thank you enough for the kind words about our products and services. We appreciate your business with us.


Ceramica tiling services, Nottingham
13 July 2019 22:23

Comes in the kit and looks good for the price

Had a few heat mats of these guys, and quite a few customers have gone direct now as well. Very good service, the staff are helpful and delivery is quick. This is the only place I get underfloor heating from now

Thank you very much for this really great feedback.