Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors

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Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors
Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors
Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors
Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors
Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors
Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors
Harmoni SmartMat 150W - For Concrete Based Floors
Product CodeAreaMat LengthWattagePriceStockQty
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 0.5m² 75w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-0.5
QF #: 16252
0.5 m²
1 m
75 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area0.5 m²
Mat Length1 m
Wattage75 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 1.0m² 150w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-1.0
QF #: 16253
1 m²
2 m
150 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area1 m²
Mat Length2 m
Wattage150 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 1.5m² 225w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-1.5
QF #: 16254
1.5 m²
3 m
225 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area1.5 m²
Mat Length3 m
Wattage225 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 2.0m² 300w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-2.0
QF #: 16255
2 m²
4 m
300 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area2 m²
Mat Length4 m
Wattage300 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 2.5m² 375w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-2.5
QF #: 16256
2.5 m²
5 m
375 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area2.5 m²
Mat Length5 m
Wattage375 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 3.5m² 525w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-3.5
QF #: 16258
3.5 m²
7 m
525 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area3.5 m²
Mat Length7 m
Wattage525 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 4.0m² 600w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-4.0
QF #: 16259
4 m²
8 m
600 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area4 m²
Mat Length8 m
Wattage600 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 5.0m² 750w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-5.0
QF #: 16260
5 m²
10 m
750 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area5 m²
Mat Length10 m
Wattage750 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 6.0m² 900w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-6.0
QF #: 16261
6 m²
12 m
900 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area6 m²
Mat Length12 m
Wattage900 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 7.0m² 1050w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-7.0
QF #: 16262
7 m²
14 m
1050 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area7 m²
Mat Length14 m
Wattage1050 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 8.0m² 1200w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-8.0
QF #: 16263
8 m²
16 m
1200 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area8 m²
Mat Length16 m
Wattage1200 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 9.0m² 1350w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-9.0
QF #: 16264
9 m²
18 m
1350 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area9 m²
Mat Length18 m
Wattage1350 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 10.0m² 1500w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-10.0
QF #: 16265
10 m²
20 m
1500 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area10 m²
Mat Length20 m
Wattage1500 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 12.0m² 1800w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-12.0
QF #: 16266
12 m²
24 m
1800 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area12 m²
Mat Length24 m
Wattage1800 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 14.0m² 2100w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-14.0
QF #: 8927
14 m²
28 m
2100 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area14 m²
Mat Length28 m
Wattage2100 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 15.0m² 2250w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-15.0
QF #: 8928
15 m²
30 m
2250 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area15 m²
Mat Length30 m
Wattage2250 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 16.0m² 2400w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-16.0
QF #: 8929
16 m²
32 m
2400 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area16 m²
Mat Length32 m
Wattage2400 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 17.0m² 2550w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-17.0
QF #: 8930
17 m²
34 m
2550 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area17 m²
Mat Length34 m
Wattage2550 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 18.0m² 2700w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-18.0
QF #: 8931
18 m²
36 m
2700 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area18 m²
Mat Length36 m
Wattage2700 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 19.0m² 2850w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-19.0
QF #: 8932
19 m²
36 m
2700 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area19 m²
Mat Length36 m
Wattage2700 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 20.0m² 3000w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-20.0
QF #: 8933
20 m²
40 m
3000 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area20 m²
Mat Length40 m
Wattage3000 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 22.0m² 3300w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-22.0
QF #: 8934
22 m²
42 m
3000 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area22 m²
Mat Length42 m
Wattage3000 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 24.0m² 3600w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-24.0
QF #: 8936
24 m²
48 m
3600 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area24 m²
Mat Length48 m
Wattage3600 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 3.0m² 450w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-3.0
QF #: 16257
3 m²
6 m
450 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area3 m²
Mat Length6 m
Wattage450 W
Harmoni - SmartMat 150w/m² - 13.0m² 1950w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-13.0
QF #: 8926
13 m²
26 m
1950 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area13 m²
Mat Length26 m
Wattage1950 W
Harmoni SmartMat 150w/m² - 23.0m² 3450w Underfloor Heating MatHMMAT150-23.0
QF #: 8935
23 m²
46 m
3450 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area23 m²
Mat Length46 m
Wattage3450 W

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Electric Underfloor Heating on Concrete Floors

Our Harmoni SmartMat 150W has been designed for use on concrete floors. This includes existing concrete floors. This is for use in installing electric underfloor heating on concrete floors. They are laid on top of sub based concrete floors. Please note that this is only for new concrete sub floors and existing floors. Are you looking for polished concrete floor underfloor heating? Or heated floors for concrete slabs? If so, take a look at our In-Screed Heating Cables.

Are you are looking for electric underfloor heating for timber floors? Check our harmoni SmartMat 100w range.

Underfloor heating kits

With our harmoni range of products, you can create your own underfloor heating kit. Select the size of mat you require on the product page. You then add a thermostat and then the optional fixing kit. This makes up a full underfloor heating kit. It has everything you need to install your heating mats. Are you looking for wet underfloor heating kits? If so, take a look at our wet underfloor heating kits. These use heating pipes to heat the floor.

Types of floor finishes used with this system

Electric underfloor heating mats for concrete floors are for use underneath tiles. This includes ceramic, marble, limestone & slate. You may need to check your floor levels before installing. If you need to raise the floor, you will need to screed the floor. If you need to level the floor then use self levelling compound. If you need insulation, then check out our insulation boards.

Why use harmoni SmartMat?

Our harmoni SmartMat 150W features:

  • A self-adhesive mesh
  • An ultra thin heating cable
  • A twin conductor heating cable
  • Suitable for most wooden surfaces
  • 100% aluminium earth sheath
  • Cable thickness - 3 mm
  • Heat output - 150W/m²
  • Operating Voltage - 230/240V
  • Cold tail connection lead - 3 m
  • Energy Efficient

We offer a premium electric underfloor heating range that offers unbeatable value. At Element Shop we provide:

  • The best quality product at the lowest price
  • A lifetime warranty on all products. This includes an installation replacement warranty
  • Noteworthy customer service
  • Free next working day delivery
  • A free detailed quotation
  • Independent S Mark & Fimko safety approved products
  • A free design service
  • Lifetime warranty

All harmoni mats include guarantees against manufacturer defects. This covers the lifetime of the initial floor covering.

Installer warranty

This gives you a guarantee if you damage your Harmoni mat. It's in effect up until before the finished floor surface has been installed. Damage can occur when installing underfloor heating. If damage occurs, we'll replace it with an equivalent product free of charge.

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