Electric Underfloor Heating Mat & Kits

Electric floor heating is one of today’s easiest and most cost-effective methods of floor warming. They're simple and quick to install as you simply roll out the mat until it's used up. The cable can be removed from the mat to shape into any awkward spaces if needed.

The heated floor mats system is ideal for all areas of the home including living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. The electric heating mat comes in 3 different power outputs; 100w, 150w and 200w. Our range of high quality premium kits will ensure that your heating system is both efficient and effective. Easy and quick to install, totally safe and easily controllable.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

The heated floor mats are ideal for all areas of the home including living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms. The electric heating mat comes in 3 different power outputs; 100w, 150w and 200w.

Our sticky mats offer a reliable, efficient and effective solution that can work with tiles, vinyl and many other floor coverings. Our heated floor mats are ideal for use in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories in both new build and renovation situations.

Our range of high quality premium electric heating mats will ensure that your heating system is both efficient and effective. Easy and quick to install, totally safe and easily controllable with a choice of manual thermostats, programmable thermostats, touchscreen thermostats or Wi-Fi thermostats to choose from.

There are three power outputs to choose from, each one should be used for a different type of installation:

  • 100W mats - These should be used with floors that have a timber base. They can be used with tiled floors or vinyl floor coverings.
  • 150W mats - These should be used with floors that have a concrete base. They can be used with tiles or vinyl floor coverings.
  • 200W mats - These should be used in areas that require a high heat output such as a conservatory or rooms that have poor insulation. Again, these can be used with tiles or vinyl floor covering.

If your project is for laminate or wooden floors, you should use electric underfloor foil mats as they need to be used in conjunction with insulation boards.

Electric Underfloor Heating Kits

Our kits includes everything you need to get the job done but at a discounted price. The kits comprise of:

  • Heated flooring mats in the size you've chosen*
  • A thermostat of your choice
  • Conduit
  • Probe
  • Tape

* The kit sizes above 12m2 are made up from the two most competitive mats sizes.

Features of our electric mats & kits

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Self-adhesive fully stitched mesh design
  • 3mm thickness
  • Harmoni SmartMat is a premium well trusted brand
  • Harmoni SmartMat 100w/m2 electric underfloor heating kits have been put together for a complete floor heating solution
  • All avaible for next working day delivery

Wet Systems

We also stock a range of Water Underfloor Heating Systems and are avaiable as a Water Underfloor Heating Kit

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Frequently asked questions

They are suitable for both heating the entire room or floor only, depending on your requirements. Poorly insulated areas and in very cold conditions, may require additional heating if you wish to ensure that the room is well heated. Using insulation and a higher heat output system will reduce the need for this.

At Element Shop we offer a free expert design service to help you ensure that your electric underfloor heating system heats as much or as little as you need.

All of our products come with a full set of installation instructions, providing a simple step by step guide. Most systems can be installed on a DIY basis. But the final electrical connection should be made by a qualified electrician.

Yes, you will need a thermostat. However, we do include a range of manual thermostats, touchscreen thermostats, programmable thermostats and wi-fi thermostats in our kits. We offer only the most energy efficient thermostats available to complete your kit.

The correct floor covering should be carefully considered to ensure heat is not prevented from rising into the room by the floor covering. We offer expert advice on floor covering to ensure the best results without restricting the design of your home.

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Saulius K., London
9 January 2020 00:19

SmartMat 100w/m2 12.0m2 1200w Underfloor Heating Mat

Great product!

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Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, quality products and speedy delivery!!
I have used their services twice now and will definitely buy again and will recommend to others!

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such fantastic feedback of both our services and the products.


Trusted Customer
16 November 2019 12:12

DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 8.80m2 1760W Underfloor Heating Mat

Good quality and easy to install - DIY.

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DEVImat 200w/m2 DTIF-200 8.80m2 1715w Underfloor Heating Kit + DEVIreg Smart Thermostat (Polar White)


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The service I received was second to none. If the product responds as well once it has been commissioned, I will be over the moon.


Trusted Customer
9 September 2019 14:41

DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 1.0m2 100W Underfloor Heating Kit

I have had Devi underfloor heating for several years. When the bathroom tiles had to be replaced I had no hesitation in choosing Devi as I know the product to be excellent and that if needed the customer service is good.

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Easy to order and prompt delivery

Thank you for the great 5 star review of our prompt delivery and service.


Ceramica Tiling Services, Nottingham
13 July 2019 22:23

SmartMat 150w/m2 10.0m2 1500w Underfloor Heating Mat

Good quality and great price

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SmartMat 150w/m2 20.0m2 3000w Underfloor Heating Kit + Harmoni 25 Thermostat

Good quality product, easy to fit

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Had a few heat mats of these guys, and quite a few customers have gone direct now as well. Very good service, the staff are helpful and delivery is quick. This is the only place I get underfloor heating from now

Thank you very much for this really great feedback.


Christopher Mcclelland
14 May 2019 10:05

DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 1.5m2 225W Underfloor Heating Mat

Excellent product. Easy to install.

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Excellent to deal with and extremely fast delivery.

Fantastic to hear, thank you very much for your review.


Trusted Customer
22 April 2019 23:33

DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 7.0m2 1050W Underfloor Heating Mat

Does what it says. Works fine.

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Bought again from Underfloor Heating. Always great service. Competitive pricing with efficient delivery.

Thank you very much for the really fantastic review of our service we appreciate your great comments.


Ian Wheatcroft
18 December 2018 06:50

DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 9.0m2 900W Underfloor Heating Kit

Devimat is very easy to install and always deliver the expected results

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Excellent delivery service, very prompt. Very prompt despatch.

Thank you very much for the great review of our service and prompt delivery.


Two Ltd
9 November 2018 09:10

DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 8.0m2 1200w Underfloor Heating Kit

Excellent Product, Just What We Wanted

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DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 8.0m2 1200W Underfloor Heating Mat

Excellent Product. Fits Our Requirement Perfectly

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Fantastic Service, Quick Delivery. Will use Underfloor Heating UK for all of our underfloor heating projects

Thank you very much for your really great review.

I will pass on your positive comments to our sales, technical and administration team and look forward to hearing from you again.


Oksana Romanovska
21 October 2018 06:35

DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 10.0m2 1500W Underfloor Heating Mat

happy about everything , will recommended

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Thank you for the 5 star service rating.


Richard Smith, Cheshire
10 October 2018 15:13

DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 2.0m2 200W Underfloor Heating Mat

Great product at a great price!

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Great service - very knowledgeable staff on the helpline - advised of exactly which item was compatible as a replacement for an obsolete stat, and prices are very competitive too. Also delivery was perfect as arranged. All in all excellent, and will definitely use again.

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