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Danfoss ECtemp Next Plus Electric Floor Heating Room Thermostat

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RangeECtemp Next Plus
BarcodeBarcode 5703466233979
WeightWeight 1.00 Kg

All room thermostats are used for room temperature control in electric floor heating systems. By controlling room temperature in accordance with the temperature desired by the user, the room thermostats provide optimal energy savings while upholding optimal thermal comfort in the room.


  • Modern design with white backlight
  • AWAY function
  • Child safety lock

3 selectable temperature control modes:

  1. Room and floor temp. control (default).
  2. Only floor temp. control.
  3. Only room temp. control. (Please contact Danfoss how to set the only room temperature control)
  • Maximum floor temperature limitation
  • Optional room temperature display when power is OFF (default setting: no display)
  • Frost protection mode
  • Use this feature instead of turning the thermostat OFF completely to protect against damages due to low temperatures. The room temperature will be maintained around 5° C.
  • Temperature calibration. This function allows you to change the temperature set point of the room thermostat, to compensate for a possible temperature deviation between the room thermostat and, for example, the centre of the room.
  • Advanced programmable timer. This function allows you to set a timer-controlled program for automatic comfort temperature and energy saving lower setback temperature when standard room comfort temperature is not required. Programmable 5/2-day feature with 4 time segments
  • Clock in 12-hour or 24-hour format
Technical Specifications
Ambient Temperature -10°C to +35°C
Approval CE marking, EN 60730
IP Rating IP30
Power Consumption 2W
Power supply 85–250 V AC, 50/60 Hz
ECtemp Next Plus Data Sheet

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