DEVImat 150W Concrete Base Underfloor Heating Kits

DEVImat 150W Concrete Base Underfloor Heating Kits
DEVImat 150W Concrete Base Underfloor Heating Kits
ModelAreaWattageMat LengthPriceQty
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 1.0m2 150w Underfloor Heating KitMKC01
QF #: 7714
1 m²150 W2 m
£123.09 exc VAT
Area1 m²
Wattage150 W
Mat Length2 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 1.5m2 225w Underfloor Heating KitMKC02
QF #: 7716
1.5 m²225 W3 m
£132.26 exc VAT
Area1.5 m²
Wattage225 W
Mat Length3 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 2.0m2 300w Underfloor Heating KitMKC03
QF #: 7718
2 m²300 W4 m
£145.18 exc VAT
Area2 m²
Wattage300 W
Mat Length4 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 2.5m2 375w Underfloor Heating KitMKC04
QF #: 7720
2.5 m²375 W5 m
£154.76 exc VAT
Area2.5 m²
Wattage375 W
Mat Length5 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 3.0m2 450w Underfloor Heating KitMKC05
QF #: 7722
3 m²450 W6 m
£161.01 exc VAT
Area3 m²
Wattage450 W
Mat Length6 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 3.5m2 525w Underfloor Heating KitMKC06
QF #: 7724
3.5 m²525 W7 m
£171.84 exc VAT
Area3.5 m²
Wattage525 W
Mat Length7 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 4.0m2 600w Underfloor Heating KitMKC07
QF #: 7726
4 m²600 W8 m
£183.09 exc VAT
Area4 m²
Wattage600 W
Mat Length8 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 5.0m2 750w Underfloor Heating KitMKC08
QF #: 7728
5 m²750 W10 m
£203.51 exc VAT
Area5 m²
Wattage750 W
Mat Length10 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 6.0m2 900w Underfloor Heating KitMKC09
QF #: 7730
6 m²900 W12 m
£217.26 exc VAT
Area6 m²
Wattage900 W
Mat Length12 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 7.0m2 1050w Underfloor Heating KitMKC10
QF #: 7732
7 m²1050 W14 m
£233.93 exc VAT
Area7 m²
Wattage1050 W
Mat Length14 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 8.0m2 1200w Underfloor Heating KitMKC11
QF #: 7734
8 m²1200 W16 m
£248.09 exc VAT
Area8 m²
Wattage1200 W
Mat Length16 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 9.0m2 1350w Underfloor Heating KitMKC12
QF #: 7736
9 m²1350 W18 m
£261.01 exc VAT
Area9 m²
Wattage1350 W
Mat Length18 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 10.0m2 1500w Underfloor Heating KitMKC13
QF #: 7738
10 m²1500 W20 m
£285.59 exc VAT
Area10 m²
Wattage1500 W
Mat Length20 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 11.0m2 1650w Underfloor Heating KitMKC14
QF #: 7740
11 m²1650 W22 m
£282.30 exc VAT
Area11 m²
Wattage1650 W
Mat Length22 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 12.0m2 1800w Underfloor Heating KitMKC15
QF #: 7742
12 m²1800 W24 m
£313.51 exc VAT
Area12 m²
Wattage1800 W
Mat Length24 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 13.0m2 1950w Underfloor Heating KitMKC16
QF #: 7744
13 m²1950 W26 m
£315.02 exc VAT
Area13 m²
Wattage1950 W
Mat Length26 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 14.0m2 2100w Underfloor Heating KitMKC17
QF #: 7746
14 m²2100 W28 m
£334.05 exc VAT
Area14 m²
Wattage2100 W
Mat Length28 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 15.0m2 2250w Underfloor Heating KitMKC18
QF #: 7748
15 m²2250 W30 m
£351.74 exc VAT
Area15 m²
Wattage2250 W
Mat Length30 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 16.0m2 2400w Underfloor Heating KitMKC19
QF #: 7750
16 m²2400 W32 m
£363.48 exc VAT
Area16 m²
Wattage2400 W
Mat Length32 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 17.0m2 2550w Underfloor Heating KitMKC20
QF #: 7752
17 m²2550 W34 m
£378.02 exc VAT
Area17 m²
Wattage2550 W
Mat Length34 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 18.0m2 2700w Underfloor Heating KitMKC21
QF #: 7754
18 m²2700 W36 m
£390.15 exc VAT
Area18 m²
Wattage2700 W
Mat Length36 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 19.0m2 2850w Underfloor Heating KitMKC22
QF #: 7756
19 m²2850 W38 m
£401.37 exc VAT
Area19 m²
Wattage2850 W
Mat Length38 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 20.0m2 3000w Underfloor Heating KitMKC23
QF #: 7758
20 m²3000 W40 m
£422.75 exc VAT
Area20 m²
Wattage3000 W
Mat Length40 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 21.0m2 3150w Underfloor Heating KitMKC24
QF #: 7760
21 m²3150 W42 m
£457.28 exc VAT
Area21 m²
Wattage3150 W
Mat Length42 m
DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 22.0m2 3300w Underfloor Heating KitMKC25
QF #: 7762
22 m²3300 W44 m
£446.73 exc VAT
Area22 m²
Wattage3300 W
Mat Length44 m
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Our complete DEVImat concrete kits for concrete based floors come with everything you require to complete a DEVI concrete underfloor heating installation.

DEVIguard Warranty - The best in class floor guard warranty, DEVI's warranty covers the floor unlike other manufacturers who only guarantee the product.

Why choose a DEVImat concrete base electric underfloor heating kit?

  • 20 year guarantee with DEVIguard guaranteeing the floor as well as the product
  • Open self-adhesive mesh design
  • 4mm mat thickness
  • DEVI is a premium well trusted brand

All DEVImat concrete base kits include the following components.

  • DEVImat 150W/m2 DTIR-150 self-adhesive underfloor heating mat
  • DEVIreg Touch programmable thermostat
  • Gaffer utility tape
  • Spray adhesive

* The kit sizes above 12m2 are made up from the two most competitive mats sizes.

DEVI Floor Guard warranty not only guarantees it's heating systems but also guarantees the floor in the unlikely event that the system cannot be repaired due to a manufacturing fault. Other manufacturers only offer product warranties which do not include the replacement of the flooring.

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Customer reviews


Christopher Mcclelland
14 May 2019 10:05

DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 1.5m2 225W Underfloor Heating Mat

Excellent product. Easy to install.

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Excellent to deal with and extremely fast delivery.

Fantastic to hear, thank you very much for your review.


Trusted Customer
22 April 2019 23:33

DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 7.0m2 1050W Underfloor Heating Mat

Does what it says. Works fine.

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Bought again from Underfloor Heating. Always great service. Competitive pricing with efficient delivery.

Thank you very much for the really fantastic review of our service we appreciate your great comments.


Two Ltd
9 November 2018 09:10

DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 8.0m2 1200w Underfloor Heating Kit

Excellent Product, Just What We Wanted

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DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 8.0m2 1200W Underfloor Heating Mat

Excellent Product. Fits Our Requirement Perfectly

View product

Fantastic Service, Quick Delivery. Will use Underfloor Heating UK for all of our underfloor heating projects

Thank you very much for your really great review. I will pass on your positive comments to our sales, technical and administration team and look forward to hearing from you again.


Oksana Romanovska
21 October 2018 06:35

DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 10.0m2 1500W Underfloor Heating Mat

happy about everything , will recommended

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Thank you for the 5 star service rating.


Nick Hepher
25 February 2018 07:17

DEVIcomfort 150w/m2 DTIR-150 3.0m2 450w Underfloor Heating Kit

Simply the best u/f heating solution around

Thank you for the fantastic product review, we appreciate the really great comments. 

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DEVIcomfort 150W/m2 DTIR-150 3.0m2 450W Underfloor Heating Mat

What’s not to like? Quality, price and delivery all good

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First class on price and delivery. Highly recommended

Thank you for the excellent review and the fantastic recommendation, we appreciate it greatly.